Our Chairman's Story

Mohammad Al Jamal, 32, is a hands-on entrepreneur, investor and Project Engineer / General Manager at Trust Construction, an UAE homegrown big hitter in the construction industry.


At an early age and inspired by his father’s footsteps, Mohammad moved to Portland, (Oregon, USA) and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering at the Portland State University.


It took no time for Mohammad to be given a leadership position within the family business, meriting the reigns to the profile development and management of Trust Construction, which, under his innovative leadership, became a leading company and preferred contractor for military contracts and specialized projects, whilst earning ISO 9001 & 14001 certification and countless awards of recognition.


Mohammad however didn’t stop there. His itch for the hospitality industry, passion for development and thirst for growth lead to the creation of Elite Concepts, a UAE based F&B management and operations company, focusing on concept creation, management and franchising.


As Chairman & CEO, Mohammad’s vision quickly established Elite Concepts in the market by developing successful homegrown brands such as Taco De Casa, a Tex- Mex restaurant brand with 3 outlets in the UAE and soon to be found in Europe.


Part of the Official Delegation of the UAE for Green Build Expo in Chicago, a member of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI) among other NFP initiatives Mohammad is involved in, the sense of family and community is a big driver in what Mohammad sees as his way of “writing a paragraph in this big and beautiful book of life”, honouring his father’s defining influence as a role model not only in his career but in life, by endeavouring to provide all his employees a perfect family working environment in which all feel appreciated and motivated to go to work everyday.