• Eng. Mohammad Fouad Al Jamal

The Importance of Digital Marketing for your brand

We have entered the era where the digital world has definitely taken over every aspect of our lives. We cannot spend even one hour without any kind of contact with the digital world. Our tasks of housing, shopping, seeking jobs or employees all depend on this world. It won’t be an exaggeration to term ourselves as the digital generation. In today’s world running a business is not as easy as it used to be due to the increased competitiveness.

The restaurant industry is unquestionably one of the most competitive ones so it faces a lot of challenges to make its business look unique which helps attract greater customers. You need the right tools and their proper use to help your restaurant business look creative.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

One of the best tools to approach and attract customers is digital marketing and this is even supported by the statistics where a whopping 93% of the customers access restaurant information through their portable smart devices before visiting while 63% also look for online menus. If still you are perplexed about employing digital marketing techniques for your restaurant, then here are few logical and convincing reasons that are most likely to convince you to start right away

We can define digital marketing as a set of strategic actions that aim to promote a brand on the Internet. The channels used for this can be social networks, blogs, websites, among many others.

The below steps each refers to a stage of a digital strategy, which can be adapted for any business, including restaurants:

Research: definition of the target audience and business personas, as well as their behavior on the Internet;

Planning: use of techniques such as SWOT analysis to develop different strategies for each digital channel of the company;

Production: content development, mixing persuasive writing and advertising and public relations techniques;

Publication: act of publishing the materials produced in the company's channels;

Dissemination: promotion, dissemination and distribution of content developed by the media;

Personalization: segmentation of content, according to the different audiences of the restaurant;

Analytics: calculation or measurement of results, through tools and reports.

What are the main digital strategies for restaurants?

Digital strategies are diverse and their relevance can vary from one region or type of audience to another, for example, however below are the absolute basics to get your strategy off the ground in today’s digital world:

1 - Have a website

The first step to get along on the Internet is to develop a website for your restaurant. In it, provide the minimum of an online menu, your physical address, telephone contact, among other institutional information that may be of interest to your customers.

What makes a great website is a topic we will develop in upcoming posts, however it is important to note that your site must be responsive, i.e. adapt to any screen size. Thus, a person who makes access using a mobile phone, will have an experience as pleasant as someone who accesses through a computer.

2 - Sign up for Google Business

Google Business is a tool available by Google to make it easier for brands to be found when someone searches the Internet. You can upload photos and showcase all aspects of your brand, have a map with the locations of your restaurants, monitor the online traffic your brand generates, list all products you have to offer, among other benefits. In addition, it allows your customers to comment on the experiences they've had with your brand and allows you to reply.

3 - Be present on social networks

Social networks today are many and there is always one that is higher than the other. Despite this, Facebook and Instagram are still in the lead and are the most accessed media in the world. As restaurants have a very visual appeal, the content posted in these media should have a strong appeal, with photos of the dishes always well produced, realistic.

It should also be taken into consideration that it is not enough to program posts and just wait for results, social media channels need to be constantly monitored to answer questions from users, solve problems such as negative reviews and low grades etc - you should see social media as a relationship channel with your audience.

To conclude, digital marketing is a must. Make your digital presence intense and have a heavy customer base, fan followings along with a higher ROI.